Monday, January 11, 2010

Eleven Going-Ons In the House of April. Because a List of Ten Would Be Totally Cliche.

1. I took the kids to the mall for dinner. And JJ only got away from me once. Which is like a miracle straight from baby jesus.

Trip to the Mall

2. The quad stroller was particularly awesome for restraining all three. And keeping them in there only took two dinosaur books and a chocolate bar. Lucky for me, I even remembered to bring books from home.

my view from the quad stroller (while wearing the baby)

3. Before we left I hit the dollar store for sponges. And pregnancy tests. You can imagine the look on the clerk's face when I rolled up with my truck o' kids and requested ten tests.

because im paranoid

4. No, I am not pregnant. Incredibly paranoid and distrusting of birth control, but absolutely NOT pregnant. I mean... he's cute and all, but OH EM GEE, HE GETS UP EVERY TWO HOURS TO EAT FROM ME. I'm not interested in getting pregnant. (yet).

So effing cute.

5. However... in preparation of (one day) getting pregnant again, I have been practicing recipes for the eventual restocking of the deep freeze.

Turkey Meatballs

6. I have also been honing my mad budgeting skillz.

The Grocery Challenge!

7. And rearranging furniture.

the living room. rearranged. again.

8. Because pushing couches and tables around keeps you warm.

[pretend there's a picture here of me keeping warm.
like maybe hanging in a snuggie or something.
because i would totally be doing that. if i had one.]

9. And it's still the frozen tundra up in here.

it's still really effing cold in florida

10. Seriously. We even lit a fire tonight.

Yes, it is that cold in Florida right now.

11. Aaaaaaand, I ran out of things to write. Maybe there's a good reason most lists stop at ten.


Jenn said...

Izzie is using a bobby pillow! LOVE IT!!! Shoot the dollar store tests work? I guess a pee on a stick test can't be all that hard.

SeekerofGrace said...

Wow, busy momma! You are cracking me up with the pregnancy tests... :) It's fun to buy them when you actually *don't* need them, though. When we were trying to get preggo the first time (and it took forever) I swear every time I needed a test and ran to Walgreens at midnight there was always some fiasco... my new motto is BE PREPARED!! :)

Erin said...

Ohhh your fire looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday morning it was 13 degrees here. If I were in FL, I'd be wearing shorts. You're spoiled. :-) You scared me with those pregnancy tests! Hee Hee!


Casey said...

Wow, I don't even think I realized you had a fireplace, lol...

Unknown said...

So where do you live? Your forecast looks similar to ours, so just curious. We've been having fires at night too, so cozy!

Have fun NOT getting pregnant! Wait... hmmmmm....

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