Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Putting on My Big Girl Pants and Playing "Mommy"

I've been doing a lot of pissing and moaning lately about the weather and how my kids are So. Not. Into It. Which largely results in us being housebound and me doing a lot of therapeutic screaming exercises into my pillow.

We did get out once, to the mall... and while that was a nice reprieve, it was still indoors and involved way too much "Don't Touch THAT!!!" and "Please Please PLEASE Stop Poking the Baby!"

When yesterday rolled around and it was cold again I felt a knot form in the pit of my stomach. By nap time the kids and I were grossly maligned (me = leave. me. alone. / kids = mommy, want to play wif me? want to puzzle wif me? carry you? up! up! up!) and we were heading towards a cage fight. Seriously. It was bad.

But then, as I got Casey up from bed, I heard myself saying "Would you like to go to the zoo?" It was like a burp. Totally involuntary, and possibly just as gross. The odor of my impromptu question lingered as Casey tried to read my face and determine whether I was serious. I couldn't take it back. It was out there, I was committed and I could see glee in his eyes.

So, I put on my big girl pants (no, seriously, I had to put on pants) and we bustled off to the zoo. It was remarkable. Just what we all desperately needed. The kids were SO good. A teensy bit of complaining about the cold, but nothing to write home about (ok, well maybe I just did, but... you know what I mean). Even the baby chilled (haha, pun intended) in the stroller for the whole excursion. Fabulous!

And when we got home? They continued being good!!! We all cozied up on the couch with a plate of chicken nuggets and watched the ever-entertaining unstoppable duo Woody and Buzzzzz Lightyear. And at bed time? They went to sleep. Like, right away. Even the baby!!!

So, today? The park! Tomorrow? Magic Kingdom!!! Weather be warned, you are no longer my foe! WOOT!

At the Zoo

At the Zoo

At the Zoo

p.s. Remember when I was afraid of taking TWO kids to the zoo alone? Hah! Silly little me.
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Susan Holt Simpson said...

What adorable children you have!

I am Harriet said...

Fun! We're going in a couple of weeks.

Erin said...

Are you doing the 4 magic kingdom parks for $100???
We were thinking of doing it!

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

We were in Florida visiting my family for over TWO WEEKS and it was so hot. I am so bummed we missed the cold front. Maybe one day I'll be brave and take my kids to the zoo or *gulp* Disneyland by myself. Hah.

Stopping by from Seven Clown Circus, if you have a chance, stop by my WW post and say hi!

Twincerely,Olga said...

beautiful children!!! I hear ya on the cold here in sunny Fl.I am over it!

SeekerofGrace said...

Awesome! We *finally* hit 50 degrees today (yay, the Christmas Eve blizzard snow is starting to melt!) so we went to the park today... then Alex cried the whole way home and the next hour and a half after we arrived... it's been a long two months of cabin fever. Plus our temporary back yard is not kid-safe and has no fence... come on, spring!

C (Kid Things) said...

You are much braver than I. I can't even imagine taking all 3 of my to the zoo by myself. Although I'm sure we'd probably all fit right in with the monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You guys needed that! It's a whopping 40 degrees WITH SUN here today, hell, we might jump in my in-laws' pool. HA!


Unknown said...

OMG..that cage fight. I am familiar. Oh, so familiar. For some reason, Santa in his infinate wisdom brought my 4yo about 10 games for Christmas. Silly me thought she would understand savoring them over a long period of time. Enjoy playing a new one each day or every few days. Yeah, not so much. We finish one and as I am symbolically patting myself on the back we are already onto whining and begging to play again or to play the next one. AHHHH!

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