Monday, May 30, 2011

Ye Olden Times Harken Upon Us For the Future May Soon Be Passed. (Or Possibly Not, Whatever).

The Garden
In light of the recent zombie apocalypse threat, we have taken to teaching our children important survival skills. You know, in case we need to depend on only ourselves. Compound style, like the Kennedys, but with less space and more post-apocalyptic mayhem.

Example number one, gardening. (By the way, can you believe how much it's grown?!). The fourteen pole beans, twelve cucumbers and sixty-seven cherry tomatoes I anticipate harvesting would surely carry us for several hours, at least.

Casey is my farming guru.
Green Beans
Banana Pepper
Example two, hygiene. The children are now tasked to clean their clothes in the river swimming pool and hang them on the line pool fence to dry. It would be tragic if my sweet babies were mistaken for zombies because we forgot to clean our clothes. This is no longer a threat.

Jonathan has nearly reached mastery.
And finally, hunting skills. The children must be able to seek and attain their prey in as little time as possibly with minimal noise or disruption so as not to alert zombies or other post-apocalyptic creatures to their whereabouts.

Stephen is especially skilled.
Swimming with Grandma & Grandpa Mimi


Unknown said...

hahahahaa april i love you, u know that right :) i will be teaching the twins with ur methods

Alex Goodwin said...

Why aren't they wearing pants?

Darrol said...

Great pix & story! Keep 'em coming.

Unknown said...

You guys are definitely ready if perhaps the Zombies ARE coming. Good for you. ;)

room divider nyc said...

I don't know if you'll believe but I really love plants.

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