Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is My Life.

Wearing Underwear

[Scene: Obstetrician's waiting room. I am trying to
schedule my next appointment, the room is packed,
a line is forming and the kids are getting very antsy. ]

Jonathan: "Mommy, I hafta pee."

Mommy: "Just go in your diaper, I'm trying to make an appointment."

Jonathan: "Oh, okay."

[A few moments pass...]

Jonathan: "Mommy, some pee dripped down my legs."

Mommy: (Still ensconced in deep debate with the scheduling staff). "Okay, we'll put a fresh diaper on in the car."

Jonathan: "Mommy, now it's a big puddle."

Mommy: (Not daring to look up). "Jonathan, did Daddy put you in a diaper or underwear this morning?"

Jonathan: "...underwear." "Oh. I just peed my underwear, Mommy."


Unknown said...

I love this. Hey, it's an OB office, those adorable boys are a result of why you are there, no biggie!!

Unknown said...

Whoopsie! :D

Christina Griego said...

Too funny, the exact same thing happened to me with Lana this morning.

Linda said...

Oh my gosh so funny!

Janine H. said...

I just love this! As a mom of 7 year-old twin boys, I just love and appreciate a "real mom moment" story.
P.S. Your boys are adorable!

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