Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Started Swim Lessons Because Someone Told Me That's What Responsible Parents Are Supposed to Do. It Kind of Sucks.

Swimming Lessons
This is Casey before swim lessons (after rinsing under the shower). Anxious and unhappy. Casey screams (SCREAMS!!!) the entire swim lesson except when he's actually in the pool with the teacher. Then he's completely zen and follows instructions like a champ. As soon as the teacher puts him back on the side of the pool to wait his turn? Hysteria. (HYSTERIA!!!).
Swimming Lessons
This is Jonathan before swim lessons. He is so excited to get in the water that he actually stepped in with his shoes on the first time. Jonathan screams because Casey screams. He also really (REALLY) doesn't like to be dunked under the water.
Swimming Lessons
This is Casey's least favorite part of swim lessons. He actually clawed the teachers face at one point. I felt terrible, but she took it in stride.
Swimming Lessons
This is Jonathan's least favorite part of the lesson. The teacher makes them put out "Superman" arms and get to the edge on their own. It involves being underwater. He does. not. like. being underwater.
Swimming Lessons
This is Kelly. Wondering why on earth she agreed to go to swim lessons with me.


Casey said...

OMG love it. memories.

anymommy said...

Yeah, I'm not a big fan either. And you missed the part at the end where they are all soaking wet and freezing cold and hanging on you.

Kristen Tschida said...

Ha! I feel your pain. My son thinks that water torture is merely taking a shower. Check me out at

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