Monday, November 10, 2008

Today in Pictures.

1. Met the Rytech dude over at my parents' new place to inspect the funky smell emanating from Master Bathroom. Unfortunately, I had to wake Face up from nap to get there on time. Also had to run. With double stroller. In pants that are like sausage casings a little snug. Wearing flip-flops.

2. OH MY GOOD FREAKING HOLY MOTHER OF EVERYTHING THAT IS RIGHT I LOVE THIS PURSE. Yeh, so, after the Rytech stuff, we hit the mall for a few beats.

3. Then I locked the boys out of the house while I went grocery shopping. Oops. Guess it's good my parents' place has a remote keypad.

4. Finally beat my old record. Eddie, the cashier, was pretty freaking impressed by my mad coupon skillz.

5. After the kiddos went down I made cookies. Mmmmmm.


The Stiletto Mom said...

Are you kidding me? You saved 98 bucks??? Am I reading that right?

I'm impressed!!! And? I'm First!!!

Erin said...

I am not the biggest fan of the new line of Coach.
Gotta love publix savings!

PearlyMomma said...

Damn, I wish we had Publix in VA. I was impressed when I went into one in Homestead last year. Now I'm even more impressed with the $98 savings!

Unknown said...

Can't say the purse is my style.. but I want some cookies :)

Unknown said...

Awesome savings. You deserve the purse after that.

EmmaP said...

wow - you've been busy! got any cookies left? and do you share?

thanks for stopping by my blog today.

AC said...

Eyes off of that Coach bag. It is MINE girlfriend. I called it already!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Holy schmoly! That's some savings right there. You got skills girl!

Ali said...

From now on I want you to do my shopping for me!

Keely said...

have you drooled over that purse before? I swear I've seen it somewhere. Maybe someone else was coveting it, too. Get it quick!

April said...

@ stiletto: No, you're not reading it right. I saved $103.00. One coupon was calculated as a payment because it was considered a manufacturer's check. yeh, i rock.

@ erin: good. more for me. mwahahahaha.

@ pearly: thanks! publix rocks. they tend to be a tad pricier overall, but they run really good sales and accept all competitors coupons!!!

@ sabrae: help yourself, doll :-)

@ heinous: heh. too bad the purse cost 3.5x's what i saved. and, ya know, savings is going toward the mortgage. *sigh*

@ emmap: i always share.

@ ac: LOL, i can't afford it. go ahead and take it ;-)

@ petra: i think they're called 'mad skillz' haha

@ ali: girl, i can barely find time to do my own!

@ keely: no, i previously drooled over a doonie bag, but not this one. don't know which one i <3 more. good thing for me, we can't afford either, so i don't have to choose! LMAO :-D

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