Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Have You Heard? It's Tuesday. All Day Long!

We tackled a new food:

Made bread:

Went to the park:

And ate dinner:

What did you do today?



Keely said...

Dude - that bread looks AWESOME. Can you ship me some??

Casey said...

I love the dinner table shot, what a beautiful family!

Amanda said...

And charmed a mom in the Adirondacks!

The Stiletto Mom said...

Good Lord, you are the perfect Mother...why on earth are you hanging out with me???

I love love love baby pics. :)

Unknown said...

You guys go to the park A LOT! lol! But hey if I had kids I would be at the park with them all the time to and the wife would be on the equipment playing with them! :)

Unknown said...

The bread looks yummy. What did I do? I read this a date late, so I guess that's out...

Suzie said...

Looks like a great day

Haasiegirl said...

Dang, can you come make bread for MY house????

Btw, come join our blog party today!! lots o prizes and fun!


steenky bee said...

Helloooo! I'm back from the dead. I'm not a zombie, I promise. But I'm still heavily medicated and confused, because I swear it's Wednesday, yet your post says it's Tuesday. I shall stalk you until you post again. Also, please tell me you really aren't that pretty in real life. I totally won't hold it against you if you admit that you use a stand-in for your pictures. Come on, admit it.

Vered said...

The bread does look amazing. Fresh bread with butter is my favorite food. I could never do a low-carb diet.

AC said...

What did WE do?
We went to library for play group. Ate lunch at the military school's dining hall. My tot napped, while I spent way too much time blogging. Tot woke up, we colored. Now, my 7 yo is home from school and girls are watching DVD while I read other's blogs!

It's a rough life, and I am super glad its mine!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

you guys always have so much fun...

and have I mentioned that I LOVE bread?

Yeah, I do.

Jenni said...

How CUTE are those boys???

Anonymous said...

I like how you listed your achievements this week with photos - how cool! Thanks for joining our meme this week.

April said...

@ keely: I'll get right on it! In the meantime, I posted the (very simple) recipe at www.MamaLovesFood.blogspot.com

@ casey: aw, shucks.

@ amanda: awwwww... thanks, amanda!

@ stiletto: hahahahahahahahah.

@ sabrae: yeh, it's what we do :-) they like it and it's free. can't ask for much more!

@ heinous: too yummy. two loaves already gone :-/

@ suzie: it was very nice!

@ haasiegirl: wasn't near the computer today - hopefully i'll catch your next event!

@ steenky: yay for you being back!!! hrmmmm.... really that pretty? well, I think I am FANTABULOUS. but i suspect what you're seeing is heavily influenced by whatever narcotics you're on ;-) and i'm totally not above picking and choosing only my very favorite pictures to put on the blog.

@ vered: i tried low carb once. lost a ton of weight. then i fell off the wagon and gained back twice what i lost. i will not be repeating that mistake.

@ ac: sounds like you had a good day too!

@ petra: it's all about putting the right spin on things. maybe tomorrow i'll post a tantrum video for ya ;-)

@ jenni: i think they're pretty effin cute!

@ mommy: glad to do it!

Jennifer said...

Wow--you got a lot done! Bread? I can't remember the last time I baked bread...oh yeah--never!!

Your family is beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!!

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