Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rough Night & Gross Toddlers

Well, Jonathan was up every two hours again last night. Wes and I don't handle middle of the night issues very well, so this resulted in a largely incoherent whisper fight at 2AM which ended with Wesley sleeping on the couch and dealing with Jonathan for the remainder of the night (morning?). It was so frustrating because Jonathan kept waking himself up by rolling over onto his tummy and getting stuck. Tonight I put him down with the sleep positioner, so we're hoping this solves the problem. It's funny, this is the exact age we STOPPED using the positioner with Casey. Go figure.

After the little guys took their morning naps, Wes and Jeremy took them errand running and then for a walk around the mall. Wes said they had a great time on the pay toys (without paying, of course) and he sent me a picture from his phone. I enjoyed relaxing in a quiet house; I caught up on reading everyones' blogs and then I took in a few more pages of the behemoth book I'm currently reading.

Later, I played on the patio with Casey and then we (Casey and I) ran out to Wal-Mart for diapers. We did it in true Wal-Mart fashion, with Casey covered in dirt from playing outside and barefoot. On the way home Casey had a sneezing fit in the car - I turned around to say 'bless you', only to find him covered in snot and chewing on his filthy toes. Uhg, toddlers are GROSS.

After the shopping excursion I started dinner (burgers and fresh green beans). I took a quick aside to do the final walk-through for my parents at the house they're buying down the street (yay!) and then came home and finished fixing dinner. Unfortunately, the little guys were ready for bed just as I was finishing up dinner, so Wes and Jeremy ate up while it was hot and I did the bedtime routine with the kids. Wes gave me a hand with Casey for the end of Blue's Clues and then, when the kids were down, we enjoyed the rest of dinner together.

As of this moment, Jeremy and Wes are playing computer games while I write to you. The kids are sleeping soundly - for now - and Izzie is desperately searching for hamburger scraps. Tomorrow we leave for South Florida to visit my parents, grandparents and brother.

I'm hoping hoping hoping that the sneezing fit was nothing more than allergies, but I have a sinking feeling it's going to be a rough weekend. *sigh*

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