Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here and There...

Jonathan got up at 4am again. Wes went to him this time because he doesn't want me trying to nurse Jonathan back to sleep - Wesley is afraid it will become a bad habit. He's probably right and it's a good thing he keeps me in check. If I were in charge, Casey would still be getting up every two hours and I'd be raving mad.

Unfortunately for Wesley, though, Jonathan did not go back to sleep after 4am. Wes woke me around 7am and went back to sleep after walking Izzie. The boys were being good (see the video!) so I made a ginormous batch of blueberry applesauce pancakes for breakfast. I've noticed Casey is seriously skimping on the fruits and veggies lately, so I'm going stealth (see Carrot Pizza post). He gobbled up the pancakes, never the wiser they were actually healthy.

This afternoon (following our Carrot Pizza), Wesley's brother, Jeremy, got to the house. He's staying tonight and tomorrow to visit and spend time with the nephews. Casey loooooves him and they sat for a very long time reading books in the living room. Afterward, Casey dragged Jeremy to the patio so he could show off his mad slide skills.

Dinner was whole wheat pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce followed by an episode of Blues Clues and then bed time for both little guys.

Now I'm telling you my tales, Wesley is at school and Jeremy is playing on the computer in Wesley's office. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quiet night.

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