Thursday, September 11, 2008

Negative, Ghostrider.

Last night started off smoothly... I put JJ down in the sleep positioner, enjoyed my evening blogging and catching up with friends via various chat programs, I pumped so as not to be completely engorged in the morning (after all, JJ was going to sleep through the night. right?) and then I went confidently to bed. Hahahaha... Not ten minutes after getting into bed, the wailing began. Because Wes took the couch the previous night, and he volunteered to do the three hour drive this afternoon, and he had class at 730AM this morning, I graciously insisted on couch duty.

Following several ten minute bouts of 'cry it out', a diaper change and three rolls from tummy to back (sleep positioner FAILED, apparently he can plow right over it), Jonathan finally fell asleep. So I snuggled into the remarkably comfortable couch (granted, a concrete slab would've felt good at this point) and resigned myself to getting about five hours sleep. Or, not. The fan creaked, the frogs sang, and Jeremy used the bathroom about 15 bajillion times.

At 4:30AM I gave up on the couch and moved back to the bedroom. Like the sick joke that is any toddler parent's life, Casey woke up at 5. Wes was so very sweet and let me sleep until 6:45, but needless to say, today's had a bit of a haze over it.

When I got up I was greeted by a surprisingly good spirited 21 month old rocking a serious head cold. So much for the allergy angle. But, despite the initial setbacks, today has been solidly good *so far*. Casey has continued to be happy and Jonathan took TWO short naps today. Wes is resting right now and soon we'll pack the car and head to my parents. Yay!

I've included pictures and a video of Casey and Jonathan playing with their Uncle Jeremy this morning, a picture of Casey's face when he realized the scene with the exploding bird was coming up on Shrek (yes yes, I fast forwarded), a picture from Wesley's cell phone of Jonathan and Uncle Jeremy, pictures of Casey 'helping' Wesley with the laundry and a video of Casey talking on his cell phone. Enjoy!


Vered said...

You know, my kids are 6 and 8, and I DO NOT miss the baby/ toddler days. Too much work!


April said...

Generally, I love my days, but, also, am always glad to have a quiet evening to myself!

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