Meet the Family.


Central Winds Park

So very nice to meet you.

I'm an Attorney gone Mommy gone Rabid Mommy Blogger living with my family in Central Florida. This blog is mostly pictures my commentary on day to day life staying at home with small children, a needy dog and a self-employed-work-from-home-part-time-student husband.

I don't wash my hair every day, my kids eat processed food and I have been known to use television as a babysitter. I love pedicures, hate massages and fancy myself a pretty good bargain hunter. I'm a babywearer (but not a co-sleeper), a nursing mommy (who doesn't care how you feed your child) and I love being pregnant (even though it's not an easy thing for me to do). I'm a sometimes contradiction and always hilarious occasionally funny. I like who I am and hope you do too.

My free time is spent blogging about the family, giving stuff away, cooking and crocheting.

For more about me (er, us) check out The (remarkably brief) History of Me, Our Big Fat Important Events, and Seven Random Things.

Still want to know more? You can also find me here:
Email: aprilwoodscary [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @MommyNamedApril

Facebook: April's Little Family Fan Page

Flickr: MommyNamedApril's Photostream

(I welcome all PR pitches


On the Way to Bobby & Meaghan's

Wesley is my rock. A computer animator by trade, he runs a business providing 3D recreations and presentation support. In addition to work, fatherhood, and husbandry, he is also going to school for a degree in mechanical engineering. He's totally not busy or anything.



Casey is our first born, arriving 8:10AM, November 21, 2006. He's a very serious sort of guy.



Jonathan arrived next at about 11:46PM, March 18, 2008. He's not serious. At all.



Stephen is our most recent addition, joining the family on October 20, 2009 around 9:50PM. He's a belly laugher.

Bean #4.

Newest Bean
This next little nightmare (kidding!) is scheduled to arrive at the beginning of November.  The whole family is super terrified excited!

My Izzie

While not born of me, Izzie was my first baby. She arrived in our home January of 2006 and has secured the most comfortable spot in any (and every) room. She's needy and cuddly and perfect.

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