Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Class of 2013.

sono 2 cropped
36 week ultrasound

So, it turns out I haven't written about this pregnancy since March.  March?!  I mean, granted, I haven't written much at all this year (or end of last for that matter, as I still have yet to even tackle Christmas).  But I'm feeling a bit guilty about my lack of documentation.  Truth is, baby is great.  Textbook pregnancy this go-round (I know, crazy huh?).  But not me.  I have been utterly miserable.  And since I try to abstain from woe-is-me fests, I've pretty much just avoided addressing the whole kit and caboodle. 

But unbelievably, the seemingly longest pregnancy ever is suddenly at its dregs.  No newborn clothes unpacked, no diapers purchased, no swings constructed.  I'm not sure how we got here all the sudden.  And I'm sad.  I have been ready for this to be over nearly since it began and now the doneness of it all is terrifying. 

My beautiful little (still a boy!) baby is between six or seven pounds and wreaking havoc on my hips.  He's making my feet swell to the size of balloons and preventing sleep in excess of four hours a night.  I'm beside myself with excitement to meet him, and yet. When it's over, it's SO over.

His birth is our commencement ceremony.  The end of an era, but the begining of a complete family.  And I'm trying to remember that beginnings are good.  Really good.

36 weeks
36 week belly
36 wks

36 weeks - 2
sono 3 cropped
sono 1 cropped

(yes, i'm still taking pictures in my kids disgusting bathroom mirror.  i'm nothing if not consistent.)

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Unknown said...

It has gone by fast! WOW! Excited to see your latest addition to your adorable family. Hang in there!

Crystal Rae said...

WOW... you look great! And can i just say I feel so sorry for you little baby girl, 4 brothers... HAHA... I grew up with 3 and that was tough, but FOUR. Is this your last?

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