Friday, February 17, 2012

Fone it in Phriday.

Why is it that extra chins look so good on babies, but not adults. #forshameI call this "blinding baby with flash" #sorrybabyFiber. It's what's for dinner.Hubs isn't happy about the cucumber water. He likes his water veggie free.First date night in forEVER. Isn't he cute? :-)And then there were 40. #grannysquares #crochetLips! Heehee :-)Thank you grandpa Don for my super cute valentine's day outfit!Steam officially blown off. #ellipticalCrochet and the new Star Trek movie with hubby. Things are looking better. #ValentinesDayHappy bubbles!I do appreciate a good one pot meal. Roasted Chicken & Carrots. #food #recipe www.mamalovesfood.comGood golly, sissy is in a MOOD. #iamsofreakinghungry6.5 quarts of YUM. (coconut curry chicken noodle soup). Now if only baby would let me put her down so I can eat some. #food #recipe #starvingWell, that's unfortunate.Skyping with grandma. I do love technology!Fone it in Phriday.
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