Friday, February 10, 2012

Fone it in Phriday.

Thanks to my brother, I'm now a teensy bit obsessed with instagram. Are you too? Yay! Join me! As with everything, I'm MommyNamedApril. Can't wait to see what you've been snapping!
Running out of room in the bathtub!Beach strollin' cc: @hrumore @rumorej3Beach time with @thegoePretty much the cutest baby ever. #nofilterBack on the road again. Hoping baby Garcia will wait a couple of weeks so we're not turning back around again tomorrow. #wearingouttheroadsbetweenorlandoandftlauderdaleSewing in ends is the worst. #crochetWatching the game with baby & pup. #superbowlLittle dudes first swim lesson. He's not pleased. (the one on orange)Making strawberry & dark chocolate fudge. Mmmm. Play date gals are gonna hate me tomorrow. #dietbusterCondo shopping with mommy. Gonna make a mogul out of her yet!Sun dried tomato & roasted garlic Alfredo. Plus wine. Yum.I live for for Big Bang marathons. #thatswhatshesaidSeriously #google? You made my calendar look like a freaking Easter egg.The view from where I lie is phenomenal. Now if only I could actually fall asleep.Lazy morning watching cartoons in mommy's bed.Catnapping during swim lessons.This happened yesterday. #nofilterMy Internet keeps going down in the evenings. The only time I have to really get some work done. I'm seriously about to have an aneurysm.They should be called therapy squares. #grannysquares #crochetOven dried strawberries. I'm really skeptical about this, they appear to be turning to mush??? #food #cooking12 down, a whole lot more to go. #grannysquares #crochetChicken tacos. And this is why cooking extra portions to freeze is awesome. Everything but the cheese & sour cream came from the deep freeze. Delicious. #food #cooking26 down... that's looking like an awful lot of ends to see in. #sigh #crochet #grannysquaresNew haircut! High and tight! He asked for it short and cool like his big brother :-)Fone it in phriday.
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