Monday, October 17, 2011

So Apparently Some Doctors Had a Meeting About Me. And Now We Have A(nother) Plan!

Mommy Forgot About Naptime.
I like to believe each of my pregnancies is super special and totally unique, but I am beginning to think I may be mistaken. Wesley assured me last night that I have complained about the same things every time. It would seem I always have trouble, eating, sleeping, bending and being nice. And apparently I have a habit of mentally breaking down around week 34. Yay!

Not only that, but my doctors have the same debates about delivering, and my kids... well they apparently all think they're the same fetus. Case in point? At my last high risk visit (34 weeks) the doctor estimated the baby's weight at 5.5 pounds and said I'm measuring a week ahead. They couldn't seem to decide whether to deliver me at 36, 37 or 38 weeks. This morning there was a meeting between my doctors and it was decided that I would aim for 38 weeks (November 10th) with the VERY! STRONG! CAVEAT! that I am to go to the hospital immediately if I feel like there is anything at all whatsoever funky going on.

Huh. Well, if that sounds familiar, it's because they said the exact. same. thing. at my 34 week appointment with Stephen. The only difference being, at Stephen's appointment I was told he had big ears, and at this appointment they said the baby has a whole mess of hair.

So, short story long, November 10th. Unless it happens sooner. Which last time it did. So, who really knows. Surely not me.

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anymommy said...

So. Exciting. (Not the high risk, indecision part, but the almost time for new baby part.)

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Oh, lady, I don't know how you've done this so many times! I mean, ok, I get it...I'd do it a million times for such adorable boys. I'm actually looking into a surrogate. JUST kidding. However, I hate the drama of HRP so I hope everything goes smoothly and slowly so you get to 38 week!

ibkrazzy said...

At least you know it's soon! :) I can't wait to see the cutie.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Holy nutballs, woman. I can't take the stress.

Unknown said...

I like that date, especially since it's one of my Godson's birthday! Hope it sticks. ;)

Hang in there Mama!!

Johanna A. said...

Just found your blog via a friend who linked to your cooking blog with your potato soup recipe! Our c-section is scheduled for November 7th (it is our first baby!) and everyone around me is freaked out that I am going to go into labor sooner (honestly, I might not mind, I am tired of being pregnant! I can't sleep well unless it's on an incline, like the Elephant Man, eating is an adventure in heartburn, and I am just darn uncomfortable!). Also, my mother in law is trying to keep me and the baby confined during cold and flu season--I think I may lose my mind if i have to stay in our tiny apartment so long! Anyway, good luck with everything, I will be reading your blog to see how you are doing!

sallymwoods said...

it's totally a girl. none of the boys had a ton of hair.

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