Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Road Trip Adventures... Part IV

More Driving
For our last leg of the trip, driving from Gatlinburg back to Central Florida, we decided there was no way we could do it in one long stretch. Nor did we want to! Our whole trip had been filled with adventures and new places, so we couldn't end on a full day of boring driving. Back to the maps it was, and after a little searching, we found that The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, in Columbia, South Carolina, was right on our way.

Columbia South Carolina Zoo
Columbia, SC Zoo
Columbia, SC Zoo
Columbia, SC Zoo

We lucked out, because our Central Florida Zoo passes gave us a 50% discount to the Riverbanks Zoo, so for a measly $16.00 we had a fantastic time at this really awesome attraction. We didn't tell the boys what our plan was, and they were completely thrilled to find out or pitstop was a zoo rather than another Chik-fil-A playground. It made for an exceptionally long day, and we rolled back into our driveway late and tired. But pleased. So very pleased.

End of Trip Odometer
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Casey said...

the pic of jj with the monkey is classic

Unknown said...

Such great shots of you all as a family! (of almost six!) YAY!

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