Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It Would Seem Someone Has Stolen Several Hours of the Day From Me. Was It You? May I Please Have Them Back? Also, We Went to the Beach.

5am wake up call
We took another mini vacation. Admittedly longer than our previous vacations, but I still consider anything less than a week (which this most definitely was) to be mini. The boys continued to get up at 5 am. They clearly do not understand the concept of vacationing.
kids bedroom at the beach condo
This was the kids room at our rental. Kelly was less than pleased at being considered a kid, but I'm pretty sure it beats the responsibilities that come with being an adult. I know I wouldn't mind being reclassified. Stephen slept in the closet. Because we're classy like that.
The Beach Condo
Casey discovered a video game system pretty much as soon as we walked in the door. His friend, Preston, (who's family we were vacationing with, but I managed to include in a whopping ZERO pictures) did the same at their place. I'm kind of regretting introducing Casey to video games, but it would seem there is no going back at this point. Plus it's a really good extortion tool.
Playing at the Beach Condo
Stephen discovered the magicalness of trains. Lucky for him, he has two older brothers who, until a few months ago, made it their life's work to collect every single train in existence. Talk about a jackpot.
Deep Sea Fishing for Mahi
Wesley abandoned us for a day to go deep sea fishing. I think I forgive him. He's lucky I like mahi mahi. And that my parents came up to help in the afternoon.
Swimming at the Beach Condo
We spent a lot of time at the pool. We went to the beach too, but I was afraid of losing and/or breaking my camera, so we don't have any beach pictures. Which is a shame, because Casey and Jonathan were pretty hilarious rolling around in the waves. A big difference from just a few months ago when they wouldn't even touch wet sand for fear of being sucked into the ocean.

Kelly now (finally) believes us about the importance of sunscreen in Florida. She was pretty amazed that you can get a sunburn even wearing 85 SPF. Also, she hates freckles.

Casey and Jonathan did their own hodgepodge version of swim lessons in the pool over and over again. It was cute until it wasn't anymore. Probably around the 142nd time they screamed "LOOK AT ME, MOM! I'M KICKING MY FEET!!!," while simultaneously half drowning me with waves of pool water from their rabid splashing.
Jonathan Taking Pictures at the Beach Condo
Jonathan absconded with the camera one afternoon. As a result, we now have a memory card full of blurry pictures of popcorn and dinosaurs. On the plus side, I made it into at least one vacation picture. I was not ready for my close-up.
Jonathan Taking Pictures at the Beach Condo
Apparently, neither was Kelly.
The Belly
The belly, however, is looking fabulous. And by fabulous, I mean it's actually starting to look like a baby belly and not so much like too many late night bags of Cheetos.
The Dinosaur Store
On the way home we visited The Dino Store. Which purported to also have a Dino Museum. Which actually, it did not. It did have a(n egregiously priced) kids section, which we chose not to visit.
The Dinosaur Store
In lieu of the kids section, we let each of the boys (and Kelly) pick out a souvenir. It was a double edged dilemma: 1. Let them into the stupid overpriced tourist trap of a "kids area", OR 2. Let them pick out another cheap toy to bring back to our (already overrun with cheap toys) home. Cheap won, because, duh.

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Unknown said...

That's one big fish. Love the baby belly. And I'm loving your long post titles. They make me smile. :)

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