Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TomAto, TomOto...

Playing on the iPad

[SCENE: my parents' house in south Florida; family room]

Casey: Mommy, I need help with the touch computer.

Me: We don't have an iPad.

Casey: Yes, Mommy, come help.

Me: No, that was Uncle Casey's iPad, he took it home.

Casey: Yes, Mommy...

[Casey walks away into the bedroom hallway]

Casey: [yelling from the hallway] Mommy, come HELP! Mooooooommmmmy!!!

[I pry myself out of the lazy-boy and amble toward the hallway]

Casey: [dragging a flat screen monitor by the cord] See, Mommy! I found Grandpa's touch computer!

Me: Oy.

NOT an iPad


Rachel said...


HOpe it's okay!!!

Unknown said...

LMAO!!! oh my goodness!!!!

Tabitha Blue said...

Hahahahaha, I LOVE kids! And especially kids and technology these days... it's just crazy! My daughter (3 years old) has an old iPhone, that's not activated, just loaded up with games and movies. So the other day when she got in trouble, my husband told her that she had to go without her phone for a few days until she could have a better attitude. My friend remarked that she never thought she'd hear that sentence said to a three year old! It's amazing how time changes things. :)


Anonymous said...



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