Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Pretty Sure This Means My Husband is Okay With Having Another Dozen Or So Kids.

Kitchen with the Old Table
The kitchen table was our first furniture purchase as a couple. I love this table. *LOVE* it. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at things!), our growing family not longer fits comfortably. And guests? Hah. Please have a seat at the couch.
Riding the Cart at Ikea
I've been coveting a new table from Target on Crack (a.k.a. Ikea) for almost a year now. My birthday is this weekend, so Hubster finally obliged. With baby strapped to my chest, Casey in the stroller and Jonathan hanging on for dear life, we set out on our mission. We sought, (we ate), we purchased, and we played a little bit of minivan tetris to get the beast home.
Taking Apart the Old Table
There was plenty of help to take our dear old table apart.
Detritus.  Ick.
Detritus. Ick. I'm going to lie and tell you I totally vacuumed this up.
Building the New Table
On to the assembly!
Building the New Table
The little helpers decided to go check on their dinosaurs. Funny, they didn't reappear until the table was finished. I wonder what those dinosaurs were up to?
My Pretty New Table!
It's a two vase kind of table. Seats eight adults comfortably without the leaf.
Twelve with. I think I'm in love. (again).



sarah said...

That's a HUGE Table!!!! Awesome.

lnda said...

at least another dozen kids. maybe a bakers dozen! gorgeous table

Unknown said...

Awesome table. Soo jealous of your Ikea. "They" said they were coming to Colorado like FOREVER ago. So, I live through you and all the other lucky ones!

Rachel said...

LOVE it! Congratulations!!! It's a beautiful table!
I've never been to an Ikea before but y'all sure do seem to love it a lot ;-)

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

NICE! We'll be over for dinner soon.

Yes, I just invited my family over for dinner. No, you can't refuse and say there's no room.


Tabitha Blue said...

Gorgeous! I think I'm in love too!! Oh yeah, and what time is dinner?? :)


Erin said...

Loooks great!

Unknown said...

IKEA rocks! Looks like you guests will HAVE to sit with you now... ;)

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