Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recapping on Tuesday, Because I Just Didn't Feel Like It Yesterday.

At the Zoo
The zoo. Stephen is so into it now. Probably because he gets strolled around outdoors for a few hours, but whatever works! Jonathan knows all (okay, most) of the animals' names and Casey is obsessed with feeding and petting the cows.
At the Zoo
Jonathan waited several minutes for his turn at the cheetah board. I would say patiently, but that would be a lie. He's so cute though.
At the Zoo
Casey didn't want to wait for me to take his picture. I think he will take after me as a teenager. (deep breath).
Wesley Thinks I Have Funny Hair
Wesley made fun of my hair. I think it may be time for a trim.
Science Center
We went back to the science center. It's been a while. Long enough for me to have forgotten why we let the passes expire. Crowds of rude field trip and camp kids, activities that my boys are not *quite* tall enough and not *quite* old enough to participate in and not nearly enough air conditioning. But they enjoy it, and that's what counts.
Science Center
Stephen thought the animated T-Rex was pretty awesome. Jonathan and Casey hid behind me and trembled. Later they told Daddy how brave they were in the dinosaur room.
Science Center
The diabetes exhibit where the floor turns in different directions. This is where I started to feel queasy. Thought maybe, possibly could I be pregnant??? No. Food poisoning. Not nearly as fun or exciting. Quite possibly just as messy.
Science Center
And we always end up playing with the train tracks. Just like the ones we have at home. It's just as well though, by this point I could tell my insides were turning on me.
Chunky Baby Cocoon Set
I spent many hours on the couch recovering and crocheting. This is my new pattern. I'm quite proud of it. I'm pretty sure you love it too.
Mall Play Area
We went to the mall when I started to feel human again. The boys got into a roaring contest with the other kids. Heehee. Our mall just got an H&M. Dangerous.
Cinnamon Roll Cookies
I lost five pounds with the food poisoning. These bad boys pretty much brought me back up to speed. They taste JUST LIKE CINNAMON BUNS. Oh my.
Fourth of July with Dani's Family
We had friends over for the fourth. Jonathan met his match in little Ali, he's not used to being challenged and it was fun to watch.
The Boys' First Movie - Toy Story 3
And then we went to the movies. But you already knew that.


Crystal Rae said...

Those cookies look yummy! Sounds like you enjoyed your weekend! :) I hope you enjoy your week as well.

Casey said...

This first pic of Stephen looks just like this:

The Flight of the Moody Family said...

wow, that was a big day.
cookies look amazing!!!

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