Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mini Vacations Are Kind of Our Thing. I Didn't Bring My Camera to the Beach, So You Can Imagine Those Shots. Sand, Water, Sweat. You Know the Drill.

The in-laws were kind enough to take us on a brief weekend retreat to our favorite old town. We stayed at our regular digs (I'm pretty sure the kids think we own the place), and enjoyed each other's company.
It was nice. Hot. Very very hot. But also nice.
Playing in the Hotel Room
We rearranged the furniture again, but at least this time we remembered a portable crib for the baby. I don't know why I bothered moving the furniture though, since I ended up with both of the big boys in my bed and Wesley got the king and his own room.
Playing with Grandma Mimi
Grandma Mimi brought toys. Lots and lots of toys! (And Casey seems to think crossed eyes is cool. It's getting annoying.)
It's a Working Vacation
It was a working vacation for Wesley. This was a bummer, but fortunately his career travels with us so we were still able to enjoy a lot of time together.
Dinner in St. Augustine
Would you believe we didn't hit our beloved O.C. White's??? Instead we opted to try something new. The Kingfish Grill. It was fantastic. We sat outside, listened to the live music, and enjoyed great food and drinks. The grub was delicious, timely and the staff was really nice. We will absolutely be returning. Yay. I love a good food find!
Breakfast in Bed in St. Augustine
The hotel has free breakfast, so we ran down each morning and brought food back to eat in bed. Because that's what you do on vacation.
Eating Cheerios in the Bed on Vacation
We made sure to eat in Wesley's bed, though. What? I don't want bugs in MY bed!
Ice Cream in Downtown St. Augustine
It was crazy hot. Ice cream was so necessary.
Ice Cream in Downtown St. Augustine
Chocolate. Of course.
Ice Cream in Downtown St. Augustine
He asked for blue. I was happy to oblige.
Ice Cream in Downtown St. Augustine
Pistachio. Because he has a sophisticated palate.

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Casey said...

Omg, the pic of Stephen sitting up alone looks just like you, so cute ;)

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