Friday, July 2, 2010

Flashback Friday; The Angst Ridden Teen Edition

I Was an Angsty Teen
In my defense, I had strep throat.
I Was an Angsty Teen
It takes skill to be angsty in mickey mouse shoes and pigtails.
I Was an Angsty Teen
I'm thinking about maybe enjoying myself, but probably not.
I Was an Angsty Teen
....and, done.


Jenn said...

hahahah!!!!!!! You pulled off Angst well!!!

diane woods said...


Danielle @ We Have It All said...

OMGooosh that is hilarious!! We could have been friends back then!!

I am behind on my FF post... maybe later?

Have a great weekend:)

The Stiletto Mom said...

I just choked on my coffee!!!! You look so mad! I may need to start copying you on the flashback Friday thing...I've got some amazing pics, been thinking about it for a while....hopefully you don't mind a copycat because I'd hate to be at the receiving end of one of those looks! :)

Unknown said...

Girl, you had the angst DOWN! That first one cracks me up. Did they make you sit that far away since you were sick? ;)

Crystal Rae said...

Love the purple scrunchy! The first one cracks me up too! LOL

anymommy said...

I am laughing out loud over here. Excellent. Love all the new pictures and for what it's worth, our table looks exactly like that. I kind of like overcrowded. I consider it cozy.

The Turkstra's said...

Oh my goodness! My parents would have killed me if I pulled that face in a family picture!

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