Monday, May 24, 2010

The Calendar Says It's Monday, But My Body Doth Protest.

I woke up on the very wrong side of the bed this morning. I have an annoying click in my throat (what's up with that) and the kids voices sound like nails on a chalk board. Whiny nails on a chalk board. The baby has taken to mimicry. Do you know what it sounds like when a baby mimics screaming? Yeh. More screaming. Have I mentioned giving up caffeine? Headaches and all that jazz. Although, I'm beginning to think headaches are worth the morning cup of leaded.

Oh, and the dining room remodel (have I talked about that? probably not. for good reason). The dining room remodel (an estimated two day project) is going on two WEEKS and so incredibly far over budget it would be laughable if it wasn't super depressing. And I think I have a cavity. You know. Because dentists are fun and cheap.

Okay. End rant.

Sorry, I try to keep this blog Happy! and Light Hearted! But sometimes life gets the better of me.

We actually had a really nice weekend.

Playing at the Mall
The mall play zone.

The Yogurt Paint Extravaganza
Why you should NEVER leave the room when your kids are painting.

The Yogurt Paint Extravaganza
Seriously. Never.

Playing on the New Swingset
Our play set is *thisclose* to being finished.

Playing in the Pool
Swim season. Yay.

Playing in the Pool
He's not wearing pants.

Playing in the Pool
Okay, okay... none of the kids are wearing pants.

Not Brodie's Best Picture
We got my nephew totally wasted.

Walking on the Nature Trails
Took the boys on some local nature trails.

Looking for Gators
Looked for alligators.

Pretty Spanish Moss on the Live Oaks
Loved on the trees.

Walking on the Nature Trails
And the flowers.

Stephen in the Pack on the Nature Trail
And the babies.

Stephen Napping at the Park
Some of us even rested.

On the Way to Bobby & Meaghan's
We rounded out the weekend by heading to a BBQ at Bobby & Meaghan's.

On the Way to Bobby & Meaghan's - Stephen's First Bottle
On the way, Stephen had his first bottle.

On the Way to Bobby & Meaghan's
And at a stop light I (sort of) managed a family photo.


SeekerofGrace said...

ROFL on the family photo. I hope your remodel project finishes quickly! We were set for a 1 day kitchen remodel, but the contractor said it would take 5 days, and I figured they were all overly optimistic anyway, so we cancelled it. Maybe later when there's no baby on the horizon (still on the freaking horizon, 5 days late, can you believe that!) Your boys are cute! I sort of had to look at who was wearing big boy pants vs. diaper to tell Casey & JJ apart - they're about the same size! :)

Kori said...

I am sorry you woke up crabby today, but it sounds like the weekend was really great; the photos all made me smile!

Jen said...

Sorry you are crabby. This heatwave we are having is totally sucking the life out of me so I understand.

Anyway, just wondered why does the hubby sit in the back seat?

Lani said...

where to start:) #1, pants are totally overrated..#2, that swingset looks AWESOME!, #3, those hats are so cute- and that bambino has insane eyelashes, #4, is that a Sienna? It looks just like my van from the inside:)

diane woods said...

great blog today! i laughed several times. i absolutely love your flashback to the mall scene with casey crying! am i cruel? not as much as you are, you filmed him! lol....the aftermath of the painting activity is this family!!!

Crystal Rae said...

Love the painting pictures. Those are awesome. I Love it. That is a great family picture for sure.

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