Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A (non) Update.

At the Zoo with Friends
Would you believe I have nothing interesting to write? (Of course you would).

We've been spending time with our friends who are visiting from St. Louis. Once upon a time they lived close. We miss them. Tomorrow is the last play date before they return from whence they came. Sad.

Stephen turned four months (FOUR MONTHS!) this past week. Wow. He's a meaty baby these days. Love that.

Jonathan is well into the terrible two's. (TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!). He still loves to give me kisses and has the most precious lisp. (lithp). Love that.

Casey is the boss. (THE BOSS!). He says things to us that make me laugh. "Don't stamper on the table, JJ. You make Mommy cry." "I no want noodles, Mommy. I want BEEF." Love that.

Guess I had something to say after all. (Thanks for reading).
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SeekerofGrace said...

I have days like that... especially this month, lol. But you say it so well! :)

Jen said...

you know, sometimes these are the best kind of posts. :)

Dee said...

Have fun with your friends!

I am Harriet said...

Sounds like a lot of kid type fun :)

Unknown said...

I forget how close in age our babies are (must be about 3 wks apart?). Oh TWO, thank GOD it only lasts a year. but then. Then. There's THREE. ugh.


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