Saturday, January 16, 2010

Living in Central Florida is... Ummm... Special.

gator pond (not disney)
This is the pond at the park we frequent. Can you find the gator?
(p.s. click on the picture if you're having trouble)


fidget said...

and this is exactly why i avoid going anywhere near the lakes at the park. Mira almost fell into the one with the splash pad in WS- very large and well known gator there

Erin said...


Unknown said...

Since living in FL, I'm no longer a fan of fresh water anything...LOL!

Shea Bates said...

So, I found your blog on the foodieblogroll and have been cruising your posts! I am, too, from Central Florida and we just spotted a gator in our back yard pond! I was going to do the same thing on my blog-see if anyone can find the darn thing in the picture. I was too scared to get too close, so it is WAY in the background:)

Love your blog and am now following:)


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