Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Took a Peek into the Future and It Made My Heart Happy.

Usually I stress, panic and freak out (more than) a little about how fleeting life is and that my boys are growing up so fast. I know I'm not the only one, but at night in the dark it sometimes feels that way.

Every day they get a little bit taller, a little bit leaner, and a little bit more independent. Casey has started writing letters, Jonathan is recognizing his colors and Stephen sits in a high chair.

... they're practically ready for college and it puts my stomach all in a twist.

On Monday, though, we hit up our favorite burrito joint and while the kids were playing army men at my feet, I watched a trio of older boys jump around and get into some (mostly) harmless mischief. It was like looking from the present to ten years from now ... it made my heart race and my insides lurch.

Not with fear, but with joy and anticipation.

At Tijuana Flats
At Tijuana Flats


Unknown said...

As a mom with much older kids, it does fly by, and it tugs at my heart daily.
Is that the Tijuana Flats in Winter Springs? If yes..........Ive eaten there dozens of times!!!

Keely said...

Oh my gosh, I love the smile the baby is giving you from the bottom of the frame.

I do love the endless possibilities they present when they're little. They could be so many things! I'm excited to see what they choose, too :)

steenky bee said...

I know the feeling! I just returned from Kindergarten Roundup and cried tears as I turned in my son's registration forms. Is it a bad sign if the Principal asks you to leave? It didn't come to that, but I swear he was giving me the eye.

Tabitha Blue said...

Aww, they really do grow up way to fast, and it's so hard to think that far ahead, because then it's just sad and makes us miss them already!!

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