Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Disney is Totally Magical. Unless You Go On The Rides. In Which Case It's Completely Awful. At Least According to My 3 Year Old.

While we are EPCOT connoisseurs, the fact that you can't drink alcohol overwhelming expense of Magic Kingdom has kept us at bay. For EPCOT we have the Florida Resident Annual After Four Passes, which are deeply discounted and totally awesome, but not available for Magic Kingdom. Boo.

Recently, though, we started seeing ads for Disney's new Florida Resident Special - a $99 Four Day Four Park Pass. WOW. Considering the tickets are normally $70.00 per day, this deal is exceptional! So, I hopped online to buy our Disney dream. Except, instead, I discovered the Seasonal Weekday Passes... $169.00!!! Hello?! We only go during the weekdays; this was a TOTAL no-brainer!

(Eep. Good thing THAT part wasn't boring.)

Well, to make a short story long, we headed to Magic Kingdom the next day. And I totally forgot my camera. Which is awesome, because there's nothing like taking your kids to the Most Magical Place On The Planet and only having a crappy cell-phone camera.

We began our day on the Jungle Cruise because 1. The boys are completely enamored with the Jungle Book movie, 2. The boys LOVE all things animal, and 3. The boys think boats are awesome. Except? Not so much. Jonathan tolerated the ride, Stephen fussed through the ride, and Casey? All out SCREAMED through the ride. Like mind-numbing, stomach wrenching, choking sobs, screaming. So... if any of you people who read this blog were sitting near us? I totally owe you a beer. Sorry.

Fortunately, things got much better after The Jungle Cruise Incident. We spent a long time watching Thunder Mountain Railroad, watching the race cars, watching Dumbo and watching the big train that goes around the park. After much coaxing (and a little insisting) we actually boarded the train, and the boys all really enjoyed their ride. Empowered by the successful train ride, we dragged them onto the People Mover, which went over "meh."

At this point the kids were getting sleepy and Hubs was cranky because we were so so very close to the Buzz Lightyear ride and, yet, it was totally out of reach. We headed to the front of the park, sidelined briefly by the parade (yay!), and hit up Mickey's Bakery for some energy in the form of SUGAR. I picked a giant brownie for me the kids and Hubs got a sandwich... but as we checked out, a nice man in pinstripes and Mickey ears walked up to Casey and said "Mickey wants you to have this!" 'This' being a chocolate chip cookie the size of a medium pizza. No joke.

After refueling, we wandered back toward Toon Land with the intention of riding the train again. En route we encountered a princess show "Stop, Mommy! I watching!!!", Jonathan nose-dived out of the stroller (which I'm pretty sure scarred the young mommy walking alongside us for life) and a playground (because it's not like we see those all the time?). We never did make it back on the train, but the day was indeed magical. And exhausting.

watching thunder mountain railroad
on the train in magic kingdom 2
on the train in magic kingdom 4
eating the giant cookie at disney 3
watching the character show
at the magic kingdom
monorail headed out 1
on the way home

...and if you made it this far? Thanks for sticking around. I totally realize it read like a thirteen year old's diary entry.
p.s. I know you're wondering, so, yes, I did eat pretty much the whole cookie. And it was awesome.


mom2nji said...

Oh yeah! We will def have to meet up sometime now! We are about to renew our seasonal passes. Keep going they will get used to the rides.

SeekerofGrace said...

Sounds like fun in spite of it all! Glad you are close enough to enjoy. Don't think I've ever forgiven my grandparents for moving away from Orlando when I was 8... No more yearly trips to D-world for me! :(

Claremont First Ward said...

I LOVED all of the pictures of your family at Disney World!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is that you ate most of the medium pizza cookie. I've found my soulmate. But what would happen if we had to SHARE one? :-)


The Flight of the Moody Family said...

Since you have passes, I am sure the kids will learn to love Disney. We take Connor to Disneyland here in So. Cal at least twice a month. Each time he gets more and more excited.
Next time hopefully you will remember the camera.
We will have to take a vacay to disney world at some point

Erin said...

Did you have to pay for the cookie?
Or was he doing something super nice?

Unknown said...

Oh goodness,I have so been in all those places. From the time my girls were 18 months, until they were 15 we were Seasonal passholders.....it was indeed a magical place for my kids. They were spoiled by going to a Disney park once a month or more.
My hubs still misses it, me not so much..........we'll be taking grand kids there someday........imagine the fun!

The Disney Dad said...

In a couple of years the boys might enjoy Splash Mountain. It's the has a lot of qualities of the Jungle Book story.

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