Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Tribute to Keeping So So SOOOOO Busy!

Thursday! Painting! Well, sort of. With water... but hey, they loved it and *bonus* no mess for mommy!

Friday! EPCOT Food and Wine Festival... without the kids!!! So much fun! I ate my weight in overpriced yumminess and Hubs may or may not have consumed large quantities of beeeeeer.

Saturday! Downtown Disney with the kids and then we met friends at their condo for swimming and dinner!

Sunday! A pick-up game of toddler soccer at the park, then my first maternity shoot (ever!) and family pictures with Aunt Jessica. We're hawt.

(This is just a proof... fancy finished pictures to come!)


Erin said...

Only a few more days!!!!!!!!!!!

Tabitha Blue said...

Yay, you look great!! What a fun place to live. We have to pay to fly and stay in a hotel for Disney treats and things like swimming outside in October!! Can't wait to see that baby!!


Cassie said...

Great family photo! Where did you get those painting with water sheets? I have been looking for them everywhere and can't find them!

Jen said...

What a great weekend and I love the family photo.

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