Sunday, March 1, 2009

I May Be An Idiot. But JJ's Not.

I had a (minor) kitchen injury involving the tip of my middle finger on my right hand. So typing is a serious pain in the butt. Because I'm an idiot. But, hey, guess who's started walking?

And, apparently wild turkeys are living in the suburbs now, because check out this guy in our backyard!


Coco said...

Aw!!! Congratulations! ...Not on cutting your finger, but on your little one walking! Adorable!

That would freak me out to see a turkey walking around the back yard!

Jenni said...

Look at him goooooooo!

Tabitha Blue said...

Sorry about your finger... that stinks... but congrats on the little guy!! That is awesome!!


Ali said...

2--Way to go, JJ!
3--Cool turkey--we've got a whole flock (?) that's been showing up here lately. It makes me hungry for green bean casserole. Go figure.

Kris said...

You live in the most beautiful area!

pet care tv said...

haha, that turkey looks freaked.

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