Friday, February 27, 2009

Parenting FAIL. (Home Sweet Home Edition)

- Totally open floor plan? No walls between the living, dining, kitchen, nook or family rooms?


- 2,000 square feet of ceramic tile?


- 300 square feet of plush (formerly) white carpet?


- Bedrooms share a wall with the kitchen/family room?


- Matte white walls?


- House on a hill?


- Computer in the kitchen?


- Hubs working from home?


...And of course, what got me thinking about all this awesomeness in the first place:

- Couches with legs?


Tell me, what parts of your house seemed so fabulous before kids but now, maybe not so much?


A Crafty Mom said...

I failed too, on the house-for-kids front. We were ok with one kid, then we messed our house karma up by having two more, lol. Too many mistakes to list . . .

Coco said...


How about "Master bedroom shares a wall with was a guest and is now kid's bedroom." FAIL.

Jenni said...

White cabinets in the kitchen.


Unknown said...

A small kitchen I thought we'd learn to live with..........15 years later, it's still small

Thinking this would be our first house and we'd move, well, 15 years later and 3 kids and me stopping work to care for an ill parent and said 3 children, and voila, we are still here.

Those oak trees!!! No one said how big they were going to grow!

Unknown said...

New washing machine and dryer that can cater larger loads... FAIL. Keeping my laundry basket empty and kitchen uncluttered? FAIL.

Deep sigh.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

How about living in your in-laws' basement?

yeah, I got you ALL beat!

Tabitha Blue said...

That is hilarious!!!! How about all my candles that I love... and now only have a couple around, mostly on higher countertops.


Anonymous said...

Soaker tub, with sides too high for me to comfortably bend over and wash my baby?


(But it seemed like such a good idea when I chose it in my pre-child days.)

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