Sunday, November 9, 2008

So Busy, We Forgot the Camera!

It was a busy busy weekend, but SO MUCH FUN! My brother, Casey, came up on Thursday night to spend the weekend with me his nephews.

Jonathan & Uncle Casey.

Friday we did the usual park/mall rotation and then, in the evening, Jessica (sister) and Keri (best friend) came over for Chinese food and game night. We played Cranium on the Wii first and then when Keri showed up with the food (nomnomnom) we moved onto the patio for a rowdy (heh.) game of Balderdash.

On Saturday we planned to walk around the local craft fair, but got a last minute call from Bobby and Meaghan offering us extra tickets to the UCF homecoming game and passes to the hospitality tent. We packed up the kids and headed to the University! Everyone hung out together until the game started and then I took Face and the J-man home while Big Casey and Hubs stayed to watch UCF get their asses handed to them football.

Aside from some difficulty toting two babies and two strollers, with all the trappings of an afternoon out, a full mile across campus by myself to the top floor of a parking garage, and one Major Poo Disaster, the remainder of the evening was quiet and uneventful.

Today, Sunday, was guest free and all about our little family. We stuck around the house for most of the day (aside from one short trip to the mall). In the evening we enjoyed a home-made dinner and now the boys are all sleeping.

Relaxing with my boys after a long weekend.


Casey said...

Miss you guys already, mwah! Also, I love the use of strikethroughs in the blog.

Erin said...

Sounds FUN! Come over for dinner this week yo. Our weekend felt incomplete without you guys in it!

Unknown said...

You had an interesting weekend. LOL I was lazy.... But then again I don't have kids to keep me occupied and family to come over...So I slept alllllllll weekend. It was nice I tell you.

Lizzie said...

sounds like a busy time. came over from SITS to say hi... i LOVE your blog layout! cute cute :)

Suzie said...

Sounds like a great weekend

Rachel said...

what a busy weekend! love the pic of you guys relaxing. very cuddly.

Unknown said...

No one ever expects the major poo disaster...

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Sounds fun! (And your brother's kinda hot woo woo!)

Lisa said...

You all look so comfy cuddling on the couch. Sometimes I wish my girlies were still that age, but then I remember stinky diapers and am glad they are 6 and 8!! PLus, they still love to cuddle their momma.

I love the new orange thingy on your header and your little quote up there.

April said...

@ casey: miss you too! and thanks :-)

@ erin: awwww. i was bummed you couldn't make it to tailgating. let me know what day works for you!

@ sabrae: i'm ever-so-jealous!

@ lizzie: aw, thank you!!!

@ suzie: it was nice :-)

@ rachael: thanks, me too! i love when they're in cuddly moods.

@ heinous: and yet, it's always lurking.

@ petra: haha, he'll love to hear that!

@ lisa: cuddly kids are the BEST. oh, thank you! i was wondering if anyone would notice :-)

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