Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blogged Down with the Details.

I'm not sure what that title is even supposed to mean, but I liked it. So, I'm keeping it.

Today's post is a quick flashback to this week last year:

Casey was *finally* pulling up on things and was just about to crawl! I was 22 weeks pregnant with JJ and really starting to show! I had Hubs take a picture of me in the same spot with the same outfit each week from 20 - 40 weeks. One day maybe I'll make a slide show so you can see me grow. Heh. My 40 week belly is freaky big. People asked me if I was pregnant with twins all the time. Come to think of it, you may not want to see that.

Now for the details. I've been tagged, meme'd, awarded, poked and heckled by several bloggy friends. However, I'm a schmuck and don't do memes, so those folks who so kindly gave me linky-love have gone without reciprocation. Until NOW! I would *officially* like to thank the following bloggy peeps:

Keely at The UnMom
Eudea at Life Liberty and the Pursuit
SavvySuzie at The $200 Mission
Lindsay at Glamorous Housewife
Signe at Signe Says
Lisa at Adventures in Juju Boo
Piera at Jolly Mom
Clair at Hip2Be Mom
Davida at Glue 4 Families

ALSO, my good friend (in real life), Maribeth, has a good friend, Karin, who blogs (check out her site; what an interesting family!!!) and also sells very very very cute handmade girls clothing here and here. Additionally, she's running her first contest here!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linky-love! :D

April said...

glad to do it, sorry i took so long :-/

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for those of us that aren't into the memes and awards. I'm going to blatantly steal the idea from you and do a version of it. I will send some linky love to ya', though. Great site by the way. Your boys are the cutest. I remember dropping Ecards one day and had to scroll back through to verify if one pic was of a doll or a real little boy.

Anonymous said...

your blog is very comfortable

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