Monday, October 6, 2008

Moody Monday.

Casey woke up in a faaaabulous mood today. Heh. By fabulous I mean not at all fabulous.

Even after he took a nap and was dosed with Tylenol AND Motrin (he's getting canines & molars at the same time, poor guy), he was still horribly foul. So, I decided we needed a little change of scenery and after a pit-stop at Walgreens for some homeopathic teething drops (which, surprisingly, seemed to help) we hit the mall.

This was just what Face needed. I let him play on the pay toys (without paying despite his earnest efforts to mime to me that he needed money for the machine... Huh, Casey? I don't understand what you mean?). He played until his heart was content and then ran alongside the stroller for the length of the mall. On the return trip he sat with Jonathan and had a snack of Cheez-Its and apple juice.

When we got home, I insisted he take an afternoon nap. I could tell he really needed it today and suspect his discomfort this morning was not solely the result of sore gums. Casey's been waking up super early lately (like, before 5am) so he's just not rested enough. Anybutt, I put him down and after a couple minutes of theatrical sobbing he passed out. When he got up an hour later he was in a faaaaaabulous mood (fo' real!!!). So fabulous, in fact, that I was able to make a yummy dinner of grilled chicken and brown rice with spicy vegetable curry sauce. Mmmmmmm.

Mom arrived just in time for dinner (her new furniture is being delivered tomorrow. Dun dun dunnnnn). So she was able to enjoy a couple hours of happy Casey and super sleepy (but still pretty happy) Jonathan. After the kids went down, Mom and I raided Target and then hit up McD's for some vanilla cone action.

Mini-buggies at Walgreens.
This became dangerous after a short (very short) while
and Casey ended up on my hip. Unhappily (for both of us).

Casey reading his dog ("dawwg") book to JJ.

The silent mall toys.

I knew I'd figure out a use for those bajillion extra breastmilk freezer bags!
Individually frozen portions of Spicy Vegetable Curry Sauce! Mmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Ack, we've been going through the teething hell around here too, I'm so sorry! We've renamed our son bipolar molar boy and it fits. I'm going to have to try those teething drops next time.
We love playing on the free toys at the mall too and Graham hasn't figured out that they'll actually move if you put money in. Let's keep that secret to ourselves, shall we?
McD's ice cream? I'm jealous. We started a new diet today which means cardboard tasting food only for the foreseeable future!

Keely said...

Hahhahha! Nice use of leftover boob bags.
We just finished teething hell...for a few days, anyway.

April Kennedy said...

Came on over from SITsa...I'm an April too! Love what's in the freezer...what a great idea...the sauce and the bags you stored them in!

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea! I have them left over from my now 5 year old (seemed a shame to throw them out. Thanks to you, I know what to do with them!

April said...

@ Casey: Bipolar Molar haha! I think I remember reading that in your blog, but it's still effing hilarious!

@ Keely: I so thought we were done. This molar thing caught me way off guard.

@ April: Great name & thanks!!!

@ Anne: Thanks, I was so proud of myself for thinking of it :-)

FROGGITY! said...

Congrats on being saucy! LOVE the breastmilk bag ideas hahahah

Rhea said...

What cute kiddos!!

Love your use of the breastmilk freezer bags. lol

5am is way too early. I don't think anything should happen before 6am.

I'm here from SITS, nice to meet you!

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Cute blog! Congrats on being saucy!

TisforTonya said...

I love that you put those little bags to good use - shoot, shouldn't have gotten rid of all of them... oh wait, yeah 4 years ago when it was actually an issue there was no such thing as the easy zipper topped ones... I'd actually go out and buy these if they didn't plainly say "My Mommy's Milk" :)

Anonymous said...

Totally there with you! Yesterday was the worst day my daughter and I have ever had together. Teething sucks!

Aunt Julie said...

LOVE your photos! Hey, thanks so much for coming by yesterday and participating in my SITS Featured Blogger Day in the Sun! Hope you come back soon and take a look around-hope you'll find lots of interesting stuff around my place!

Anonymous said...

Graham too is on the Motrin, Tylenol rotation! We had the worst night to date two nights ago. ZERO sleep for anyone!

So, before I read the caption I thought you were milk pumper extraordinaire! I have extra too...I thought I would hang on to them for another baby. Maybe I'll use them for food storage instead!

April said...

@ kdlost: Thanks, me too!!!

@ rhea: Thanks, you too. I agree, anything before six is still considered the night before.

@ little: Thank you!

@ t: Eh, I might keep buying them despite the 'Mommy's Milk' thing. They're so convenient!

@ davida: Teething IS terrible :-/

@ veggie: Thanks! I'm a bit of a Mamarazzi.

@ felicia: Haha, milk pumper extraordinaire! I like that. I do have a TON of milk in the freezer, though.

Unknown said...

I am a little disturbed by the breastmilk freezer bags and spicy curry sauce. I'm hoping that they were not actually used to store breastmilk at any point.

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