Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It Was Good While It Lasted.

There is a club. An elite club. A club in which Hubs and I briefly partook. It was a fleeting moment of adulthood. A brush with maturity. And then, with a hiss, pffft, and warmth, it was gone.

Yes, our garage fridge/freezer combo just ate it.

I think we may be booted from the neighborhood. At the very least, invitations to wine tastings and bunco will cease. **sigh** It was good while it lasted.


On a lighter note, mom's furniture was delivered today! It's hideous not my taste, but she likes it, so that's what counts. Inevitably some pieces were wrong and/or missing, so there will be a second delivery later in the month. Also, the apricot (*gag*) sleeper couch was not available for immediate delivery. So, there will be more - and I will absolutely horrify grace you with photos!!!

Walking to Grandma's!

This morning I gave Casey a blank journal to color in (from when I thought I was an artist. heh.). I noticed his favorite page in the coloring book is always the blank one, so I thought I would give him a whole book of favorite pages. He was a very happy little boy. Yay, score for Mom.

Writing his own story.
Token picture of the J.

This afternoon, while JJ was napping I took Casey to the library for the first time. Well, first time that I showed him the kids section anyways. There was a whole table of puzzles so he was in heaven. It was super cute. For a little while there was another wee one at the table with him. I really really really wanted to take a picture of them doing puzzles together (sooooo cute), but was afraid the mom might freak. (why can't I take a picture of your 19mo daughter and put it on the internet so others can see and comment? why???).


Anonymous said...


Casey sure looks happy with his new coloring book and very interested in new things.

Maybe you should have just asked the other mom if you can make a photo of the kids;)

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with your fridge dying. Buying a refrigerator for the garage was one of the most exciting things we've ever done. I know, lame, but it was so exciting to go to Sams Club and stock up on meat and drinks! Hopefully you can get another cheap one (try craigslist).

The library looks fun! We need to go again soon, the last time we went Graham was hard to keep up with and tried to pull all of the books off of the shelves.

Ali said...

I had to laugh at the apricot sleeper sofa! My son was asking my mom the other day what her favorite color is and she said apricot. I don't get it! At least she's gotten rid of the apricot and blue duck theme she had in her kitchen. Bleh!

Tara Bennett said...

I'm so glad apricot is out. Ugh it's just not pleasing to the eye!

Anonymous said...

I wish ours would die...I'd love a new one.

Bar-b said...

I want to wish mine dead, I truly do. Oh what fun it is to buy a new fridge. I can really just picture it. Oh well, happy sits week girl!

Cute, cute boys. A great match for my cute, cute girls ;)

Barbara DeBose said...

Ok found you on SITS and you are too funny! I wish I was ever even in the club. I can only hope to be as cool as you! ;)

April said...

@ jade: I thought about it, but everytime I played the conversation in my head I sounded really creepy.

@ casey: uhg, wish we could afford a new one. may get a cheap deep freeze to replace it... i totally need my extra freezer space!!!

@ ali: apricot and blue duck theme? ouch.

@ tmi: me too!

@ signe: i really wanted mine to live a long and fruitful life...

@ bar-b: thanks, your girls ARE super cute!

@ barbara: haha, i'm SO cool. really. LOL.

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