Monday, October 20, 2008

I Caught a Rabbit!


Ok, it was more like a bunny.

Ok, ok, it was a dust bunny. Lay off already.

This weekend has been filled with teething, tantrums, colds, outings and lots of cooking. So, well, the house hath suffered. But you*, audience of mine, have spoken. And you*, audience of mine, have asked, nay, DEMANDED, more pictures. And, so, here they are:

*My brother.


Anonymous said...

The dust bunnies around her multiply like rabbits. I think Daddy's train is pretty good! My artwork is more abstract, I can't even tell what it is half the time.

Casey said...

So, I read, "how many cookies" then "too many cookies" and I laugh, and I'm like, now that's funny PG comedy, good job April... and then it's like, "I'm so F-ing tired." And I laughed a little more.

Keely said...

Love the footie pajamas. Wish we had a Target here, lol!

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged(if you wanna play)!

Ash said...

So sweet! Great captions.

What's up with the colds?! Youngest has one too. Love it.


Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Cute pictures!

And although you may have been tired, you still looked really pretty!

Have I mentioned you look really familiar? Are we long lost somethings? I swear I know you! LOL.

April said...

@ casey: Yeh, his train was WAY better than mine.

@ casey: hehehe :-)

@ keely: No Target???? That's terrible.

@ signe: Not sure what you're talking about? Thanks for visiting :-)

@ eudea: Thanks! Uhg, colds stink.

@ petra: awwwww, thanks! the flash wiped out my dark circles. love it! haha. yeh, you look familiar too. i've lived: texas, florida, colorado and new jersey... you?

Anonymous said...

They make footy pajamas for grown ups? Ooooooh.

Momstart said...

So cute, I love your comments

Amarie said...

I love the caption to your pics! Too funny! :-)

Honey Mommy said...

What great train artwork! My trains don't look half as good!

April said...

@ mrs bear: yeh, who knew? i thought gene simmons got his specially made?!

@ momstart: thanks!

@ diamond: haha, thank you!

@ honey mommy: LOL, not so great considering we were both art majors in undergrad! haha :-)

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