Monday, October 20, 2008

I Caught a Rabbit!


Ok, it was more like a bunny.

Ok, ok, it was a dust bunny. Lay off already.

This weekend has been filled with teething, tantrums, colds, outings and lots of cooking. So, well, the house hath suffered. But you*, audience of mine, have spoken. And you*, audience of mine, have asked, nay, DEMANDED, more pictures. And, so, here they are:

*My brother.


Casey said...

The dust bunnies around her multiply like rabbits. I think Daddy's train is pretty good! My artwork is more abstract, I can't even tell what it is half the time.

Casey said...

So, I read, "how many cookies" then "too many cookies" and I laugh, and I'm like, now that's funny PG comedy, good job April... and then it's like, "I'm so F-ing tired." And I laughed a little more.

Keely said...

Love the footie pajamas. Wish we had a Target here, lol!

Signe said...

You've been tagged(if you wanna play)!

Eudea-Mamia said...

So sweet! Great captions.

What's up with the colds?! Youngest has one too. Love it.


Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Cute pictures!

And although you may have been tired, you still looked really pretty!

Have I mentioned you look really familiar? Are we long lost somethings? I swear I know you! LOL.

April said...

@ casey: Yeh, his train was WAY better than mine.

@ casey: hehehe :-)

@ keely: No Target???? That's terrible.

@ signe: Not sure what you're talking about? Thanks for visiting :-)

@ eudea: Thanks! Uhg, colds stink.

@ petra: awwwww, thanks! the flash wiped out my dark circles. love it! haha. yeh, you look familiar too. i've lived: texas, florida, colorado and new jersey... you?

mrsbear said...

They make footy pajamas for grown ups? Ooooooh.

Momstart said...

So cute, I love your comments

Diamond said...

I love the caption to your pics! Too funny! :-)

Honey Mommy said...

What great train artwork! My trains don't look half as good!

April said...

@ mrs bear: yeh, who knew? i thought gene simmons got his specially made?!

@ momstart: thanks!

@ diamond: haha, thank you!

@ honey mommy: LOL, not so great considering we were both art majors in undergrad! haha :-)

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