Monday, September 22, 2008


5:00AM: Doggie diarrhea spotted under high chair.

5:30AM: Screaming JJ wakes to a remarkably full diaper. Fortunately, no leakage.

7:00AM: Catch a whiff of something foul when lifting Casey out of his booster seat. Giant poo log goes rocketing out of his shorts when attempting to change. Poo everywhere.

11:30AM: Trumpeting emanates from the nether regions of a crimson faced JJ. Highchair and child necessitate extensive cleaning.

2:00PM: Afternoon snack proves too much for Casey's bowels. Change of clothes required.

5:30PM: Applesauce & Plum baby food is no longer my friend. JJ's colon is officially clean.

6:30PM: More doggie diarrhea spotted on patio. Mom's off-duty, hubs to be notified. By blog.

Will someone please tell my children that 5AM is NOT morning.

Hey there pantless pooper.

JJ's wondering when Case will notice his flashcards are half eaten.

Wattap, ladies...


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I had a nice high chair turd the other day too. Full-on diarrhea somehow shot out the side of the diaper and he was able to squish it around. That made for an awesome cleanup. Grrr.

Love the pics, your boys are so cute! Wattup dude!

April said...

Thanks! I hate when they foul something that can't be thrown in the washer :-/

Brittany said...

Ya one EVER tells you how much poop takes over your life when you have a baby.

April said...

so so very true!

creative kerfuffle said...

oh dear lord. some days i totally miss the baby days (i'm old, my kids are 12 and 9) so i can laugh at things like this from the vantage point of age !LOL but that last picture? omg that's the cutest thing ever.

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