Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saturday (September 13, 2008) & Sunday (September 14, 2008)

Sorry about all this playing catch-up...


On Friday night my brother (Uncle Casey) accidentally left my camera on all night and killed the battery, so the remainder of the pictures were taken by Jessi, or by someone else with her camera.

Saturday morning was rough because Jonathan did not sleep well and Casey was *again* up at 5:00AM. Jonathan followed suit and decided it was time to rise and grumble at 5:30AM. Unfortunately, Jonathan woke up with the plague too. So now it was Casey, JJ and me all feeling miserable with the plague and Wesley feeling miserable because he hasn't been able to get any real sleep. Blah. Despite these set-backs, the day turned out to be pretty nice.

We played at the house for most of the day. Casey splashed in the pool some more and Jessica was kind enough to attempt taking family shots (maybe not the best idea with two sick kids in the scorching south Florida heat). In the afternoon, Dad, Wes, Casey, Jonathan and I went to the Boca Mall. Turns out it was exactly what everyone needed. The boys were great and perked right up at being out of the house.

Sadly, while we were in the food court having a late lunch, Jonathan had a MAJOR diaper blow-out. Dad was sooooo kind as to take him to the restroom and do the clean up and thankfully I had one emergency diaper with us. I did not, however, have an emergency clothing change. For the remainder of the mall trip we let Casey walk and blow off some steam while Jonathan rode in the baby carrier, diaper only. He was so happy to be nekkid that he squealed all the way until we got in the car; where he promptly fell asleep.

We had originally planned to head home Saturday evening, but Wes could tell I really wanted to stick around for one more night, so he sweetly acquiesced.

That night Dreena, Grandpa Joe and Uncle Casey came over for dinner. After dinner the boys went to bed and Damon, Jessi, Wes and I played a few games of Mastermind. To cap the night off, Dad, Wes and I took a stroll around Wal-Mart before hitting the sack.


Everyone was tired and crummy feeling again on Sunday. JJ didn't sleep well and, as a result, neither did Wesley or I. Such is life with babies. It was a lazy day of snacking and playing at home. Uncle Casey came up again to spend more time with the boys and little Casey got ever so brave with the pool and walked in fully dressed (unfortunately I did not have a camera handy at the time). We started packing the car around 5:oo and got on the road for 6:00. We were quite pleased with our efficiency and looking forward to getting home at a decent hour. Heh.

The gas station we stopped at before leaving was having pump problems and it took twenty minutes of switching from pump to pump and trying each grade of gas before the attendant finally admitted they were probably OUT OF GAS! We piled back into the car and headed to another station. By 6:45 we were back on the road. JJ screamed bloody murder for about ten minutes and then both boys and Ms. Izzie passed out cold. The remainder of the drive was calm and quiet. Thank goodness for small miracles.


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Haha, except we all have the PLAGUE.

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