Sunday, September 28, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Today Wes watched the Jags game at home with the J-Man while Casey and I ran around town. We went over to Plato's Closet where I tried to sell some of my fat jeans for cash. When I brought my items to the sell area, the prepubescent snot behind the counter gave me a once-over and declared, "we buy and sell teen clothing". Uhg, stinker. I wanted to reach across the counter and flick her little lollipop head. Instead, I politely asked if she would take a look at the clothes and see if they wanted anything. She agreed and told me it would be about a 20 minute wait.

Well, 40 minutes later I flagged her down (she was actually standing directly in front of me folding clothes and doing a pitiful job of pretending she didn't see the cranky lady with the fussy toddler). She glanced at my (untouched) bag of clothes and told me it would be another 25 minutes. Heh.

Rather than try to entertain Casey in the racks any longer (I don't think this was encouraging her to work any faster), we walked a few stalls down to Froggers where we sat at an outdoor table and snacked on diet coke (for mommy), milk (for the Face) and a basket of fries. The service was less than stellar at Froggers too, but at least the waitstaff was nice (if slow and ineffiecient).

When we returned to Plato's Closet after another hour, I was informed that they only wanted to purchase two items and that my other pieces were "much too out of date." Heh.

It was fine, though, because the two items paid for our snack over at Froggers and, despite the European-esque customer service, Casey and I had a good time being silly, chasing each other through the clothing racks at PC, coloring & playing cars at Froggers, and running around the plaza. *sigh* Good times.

When we got home from the outing, I pulled out the paper to do coupon clipping. Wes let Casey on the patio to play and I reminded Wes that Casey needed to be closely watched while outside. "I know, I know, I'm watching him. I can see him through the window".

Right, sure.

Wes was sitting at the kitchen table, facing the window that looks onto the patio, and working on our grocery list. I took JJ into his room to play in the crib and, upon returning, (maybe 30 seconds later) I see Casey sitting ON TOP OF THE GLASS PATIO TABLE OPENING BUBBLES!!! Needless to say, Casey and Wes were both sternly reprimanded. *aaaah*

Following the climbing debacle, I went grocery shopping (sans children) and then we all headed to Nick & Erin's for dinner. Erin served a tasty spread of chicken wings, keilbasa, macaroni & cheese, and brownies. YUM.


Angie Mozilo said...

Wow, I remember those days. Mine are older now, but I still think fondly of when they were little. Great pics!

Suzie said...

Great shots
Thank so much for your kind thoughts during little B's illness it was much appreciated.He's at school today and doing great.

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