Our Big Fat Important Family Events

1-2000: April & Wes meet in Spanish II class at UCF.

3-2000: April & Wes start dating.

8-2000: April starts Law School.

11-2002: April & Wes decide to get married.

5-2003: April & Wes tie the knot!!!

5-2003: April graduates Law School.

6-2003: Wes starts WesCary3D.

12-2003: We move into our new house in Oviedo.

12-2005: Wes quits his day job and commits to WesCary3D as a full-time business.

1-2006: Ms. Izzie joins the family!!!

3-2006: Pregnant with Casey!

8-2006: Wes goes back to school for his engineering degree.

11-2006: Casey joins the family!!!

2-2007: April *officially* starts her career as a full-time Mommy.

6-2007: Pregnant with Jonathan!

12-2007: Jessi & Damon get married.

3-2008: Jonathan joins the family!!!

5-2008: April & Wes celebrate FIVE YEARS HAPPILY MARRIED! 

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