Thursday, January 17, 2013

Houston, We Have a Heartbeat.

7 week one day ultrasound

So, I went to the baby doc today for my first ultrasound.  And he found an empty sac.  Just a little black hole of sadness.  My awesome doc didn't want me to have to wait a week to be sure it was nothing, as is normal protocol - so he sent me to the hospital for a level two ultrasound.  (Because he's awesome). (And probably also knows I would have to be committed if he made me wait a week).

When I left he said he was sorry about a million bajillion times, but also told me that there's a small chance his machine just couldn't see it and to hold on to a little bit of hope.  Then we talked about D&C's and bleeding and next steps, and I didn't hold onto any hope.

But sometimes things go right.  And an hour later the hospital sonographer smiled and said, "There's your bean.  And it's heartbeat!"

I asked her at least two dozen times if she was quite sure.  And she was.  Apparently it was tucked into the corner of my uterus and just couldn't be seen by the office machine.  Who knew the uterus had corners?  So we're measuring at seven weeks and one day.  Heart rate is 136 and all systems are set for go.  Obviously we're still in treacherous waters, what with it being so early and all.  But today was good.

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Meaghan said...

A million congrats, best wishes and a hold on tight to that little love bug!!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a roller coaster! Glad the news was OH SO GOOD!! :)

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