Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whoever Decided 24 Hours in a Day Was Enough? Was WRONG.

dinner with the family

Life is absolutely insane right now.  Between staging our house and selling it, getting situated in my parents' place, getting all the staged stuff out of the house and into storage at the new place, starting renovations on the next place, Casey starting school, adopting another dog (yeh, did I forget to mention that?) and, oh, work.  I just don't even have time to breath anymore.  But.  We're (supposed to be) closing on the old (but actually newer than our new) house Thursday.  And our (tentative) move-in date for the new (but really old) house is October first.  So there is (finally) a light at the end of the tunnel.  I figure by Thanksgiving (or possibly New Year's?) we should (sort of) have our shit together. (Hopefully).

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Casey said...

hilarous picutre :)

granted, i prefer to see the kids, but i guess my face is an okay second place.

Unknown said...

I breathed out with exhaustion when I finished reading it. Well, best of luck with everything.

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