Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Hope You Didn't Think I Forgot Father's Day.

Father's Day 2012

Okay, I totally forgot Father's Day.  I thought it was next week.  This past Tuesday night I drove down to South Florida to surprise my sister for her birthday.  Wesley offered to take the train down on Thursday so he could meet us for the weekend and I agreed, all the while having no idea it was Father's Day weekend.  Because we go to Gainesville for Father's Day.  It's our tradition.  And you know how I love me some tradition.

So, when Sally asked if we were heading out Saturday to make it up to Gainesville for Sunday I was all "Whaaaa?!  What the whaaaa???"  I'm a forgetter.  Seriously, I completely forgot Wesley's birthday the first year we were married.  He's finally let it go, but my conscience still likes to remind me.  And I really prefer not to muck up a tradition, but there was no way we were traveling 3 and a half hours south only to scoot 5 and a half hours north a couple days later.  Which, if you have toddler-style kids, you know that 5 and a half actually means more like seven or eight and a half.  So, Wesley (knowing all along it was Father's Day weekend and wanting me to be able to enjoy celebrating my sister's birthday properly) (yes ladies, he's THAT great) kept it to himself.

No, our trip wasn't traditional, but it sure was a nice little visit.  And I got to spend it with four of my very favorite fathers. Not to worry, we'll do a make-up jaunt to Gainesville in the near future.  Tradition may be delayed, but never shunned!

Father's Day 2012
April and Grandpa Joe

Father's Day 2012

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Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Hahaha, that first shot is priceless.

Unknown said...

I didn't forget but I scrambled for a gift the day or so before! Oh and he got a nap that day, so it's all good. ;)

Happy Father's Day to Wesley!

Julie said...

we're in Charlotte and my husband is home :( We're celebrating Father's Day, his b-day and 4th of July in one huge celebration on vacation. But the GUILT for missing Daddy's Day... it's huge!

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