Friday, March 9, 2012

Fone it in Phriday.

Thanks to my brother, I'm now a teensy bit obsessed with instagram. Are you too? Yay! Join me! As with everything, I'm MommyNamedApril. Can't wait to see what you've been snapping!
First night no swaddle + big girl crib. ((sob))3 of 6.Sleepy gal.My evening addiction.Sleepy baby is sleepy.Wine o'clock. Yes, those are ice cubes. Not pictured : an entire bag of lays potato chips. #shamelessfattyMy freezer is full of magic. aka coconut curry soup. #foodA little fun at the fountain.Hanging with Miss Niki at story time.What?! We have Kohl's Cash?!?! #heeheeOh hai Animal Kingdom! #disneyTree of Tourism. Um, I mean Life.  #disneySplashing in the fountains. #disneyWhoa. Sun. #nofilterAnd more squares... #crochet #grannysquaresIs that sign picking its nose?Watching the clock... waiting for baby.I'm an Uncle ;-) Little Ricky. 8lbs6oz, 21". Also? Perfect.Blue eyes. Hope they stay that way.Sissy totally napped in the newborn bassinet when we visited baby Ricky this morning. Silly girl :-)Trains.Pooped.One of my favorite pictures from this weekend. GAH. Love my family.Stuck at the bank, but Josie sure does look cute today!I win at garage sales. Also? YEEHAW!She loves Target. We must be related.Chunky baby cuddles.Mommy! I wike hot dogs!!! #ballpark #foodFone it in Phriday
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