Friday, February 3, 2012

Fone it in Phriday.

Thanks to my brother, I'm now a teensy bit obsessed with instagram. Are you too? Yay! Join me! As with everything, I'm MommyNamedApril. Can't wait to see what you've been snapping!
"mom, pretending to nap is fun!" #whaaaa?Another butt whooping on the elliptical.We're very serious about DONUTS!!!!!What? Your two year old doesn't ask for curried lentil soup and rice? #YehHrsWeirdCurried lentil tomato soup over chicken and rice. #sistersbday #yummyCaramel stuffed birthday brownies. #dessertBaby girl likes her moscato. #parentingfail#MeRightNow watching Alaska: The Last Frontier and about to tackle some crochet.I'm a happy hooker tonight. Waiting for baby Garcia :-)Sunday morning at the park. Lots of sunshine with a nice cool breeze. #lifeisgoodSunday Funday.Sunday night movie time.Today was family portrait day!Zoo trip!Love that we don't need the infant carrier anymore!Elliptical got the better of me tonight. Tried upping the resistance too much and started to see black spots in my vision after 38 minutes. Took that as my clue that we were done for the night! #workoutFAILHoly moly I cannot stop eating these!!! #emeraldnuts #food #yummy #notsponsoredSwim time! #YMCAIt's that kind of night.Best husband ever. Let me sleep until 945 and brought me breakfast in bed!Miss Chubalub.You guys, there were three ripe cherry tomatoes on my long dead and withered plant this morning?!?!Babies holding babies.Grandpa time!worst picture of me ever. But hanging with one of my favorite aunts. Jealous? @emmacwoods ;-)Meeting baby Josie! ( @emmacwoods )Uncle Jon with his grand god daughter.Fine it in Phriday.
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