Friday, January 27, 2012

Fone it in Phriday.

Thanks to my brother, I'm now a teensy bit obsessed with instagram. Are you too? Yay! Join me! As with everything, I'm MommyNamedApril. Can't wait to see what you've been snapping!

#orlando bound. we will miss you #southflorida, but not your shitty drivers.Sweet sleepy angels. Cuddles are just what I needed right now :-)It's never too early for pink nail polish.Hi I'm Josie and I just spit up into my mom's mouth while she was giving me kisses. Muhahaha!It's a crock pot potato soup kind of night. #recipe #slowcookerJust in case you wonder whether I actually eat the recipes I post about... YES! #portabellabluecheesesalad #food #recipeA little daddy - daughter time.Awesomest 3 yr old I know.Wishing she would let me put her down cause I'm pretty sure it's wine o'clock.Oh baby swing... I adore you.All dressed up for McDonald's playdate.The McD's gang.Laundrytown, USA. @kristinsfourkidsEeek! Someone subscribe, quick!Made the elliptical my b-tch tonight. Okay, maybe it was the other way around.The elliptical makes me turn red. Much like a tomato. I'm hot. In the most literal sense of the word. #nofilterIt's a dinosaur playdoh factory around here.Name that spider. (please)Cat (or possibly a pig?) in a sun shower. By Casey (5 yrs old)This is my baby. My 3 yr old woke her up as he was walking out the door with daddy and brothers. So much for an hour of mommy time. #PrettySureThisIsWhatItFeelsLikeToBeHighFivedInTheFaceAgain with the 666... What's going on?! Quick! Someone be my fan!  Hehe...Meeting  miss Maribeth!Mmmm... It's not delivery. #digiorno #pizza #lunch #notpaidSissy's digging the old school swing! #sogladwekeptitHoly crap you guys, that's ME on google street view pulling into my driveway!Making caramel. Mmmmm.Baby girl doesn't want to go to bed :-/...I should really be sleepingIt's closet clean out time.Phoning it in today...

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