Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree... Where the BLEEP is the Christmas Tree???

Christmas Morning Family Picture
As someone who clings desperately to tradition. (Seriously, it's kind of an issue for me). You can imagine how crushed incensed I was when we arrived at my mother's house and not only did she get a new Christmas tree with never-before-seen ornaments, but she put the tree in a whole different room. GAH. I still get a stomachache thinking about it.

Fortunately for her, the lighting in this room is awesome. So, I guess I'll let it slide just this once. But next year. Next year I want BOTH trees.

Christmas Morning
The Family!
Christmas 2008
Christmas 2007

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Anonymous said...

ok - where do you guys get the awesome PJs!? I love them all!

anymommy said...

OMIGOD!! I LOVE IT!! A tradition girl after my own heart.

Unknown said...

Your family is SO stinkin' cute, I could die of cute overload RIGHT. NOW! ;)

Looks like you and yours had a great holiday. Love that little bundle in the middle with a BOW on her head. :D

Becky said...

so cute, watching your family grow and my first thought with all the pj's was "who wore it best?".

Count your blessings daily as you have many.

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