Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Dude Let ME Sleep In On HIS Birthday. He's Pretty Much The Best Person EVER.

Mammoth Caves, KY
I have no idea how I got so lucky with this guy. Seriously, he amazes me almost every day. (I would say every day, but let's try to keep it real). Just this morning, on HIS BIRTHDAY, even though he was exhausted and has to work all weekend, he let ME sleep in. Because he's THAT AWESOME.

Also lucky? My kids. He gets up with them every morning. He leaves work at five every. single. day. so he can get home to play with them. Even if it means he has to go back to work when they're in bed. He loves them SO MUCH.

Happy Birthday, Wesley. Sorry this is so cheesy. I'm trying to keep the mush to a minimum, but it's just oozing out all over my keyboard.

I love you.

Deer Ridge Mountain Resort in Gatlinburg
Ober in Gatlinburg
Visiting Brittany in Ohio
Grandma Bonnie's Memorial Service
Mammoth Caves, KY
Fire Fest at the History Center
Legos with Daddy
Saying Goodbye to Kelly
St. Augustine Tour
Downtown Disney
Nick's Bday Party
Gatlinburg Aquarium
Mammoth Caves, KY
April's Birthday
Magic Kingdom for Brodie's Birthday
Downtown Disney
Mammoth Caves, KY
Party Time!
Gatlinburg Aquarium
Ober in Gatlinburg
Waiting for the St. Augustine Tour

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Lolli @ Better in Bulk said...


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Happy Birthday, Wesley! You've got yourself a good woman.

anymommy said...

True love. Happy birthday to your amazing husband.

Casey said...

Great post, great pics, great hubby ;-)

Unknown said...

Definitely and awesome Dude.

Of course after saying that now I feel like we should go surfing or something. he he!

Happy Birthday to him!

(love all the pics!)

Anonymous said...

You picked a winner April. Dad

Anonymous said...

You picked a winner April. Dad

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