Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thirty-Six Weeks. Also, This is What My Thirty-Six Week Fetus Looks Like. In Case You Were Wondering.

36 weeks
This afternoon I had three honest to goodness contractions in a period of twenty minutes, so I whipped out my phone and downloaded a contraction timer. They promptly stopped. I can't decide whether to be sad or happy about it. My parents are out of town out of the country off the continent until tomorrow, Wesley has his engineering boards on Saturday, and Monday is Halloween. So, I guess it's better this way. But still. I WANT IT OUT.

At my appointment yesterday the high risk doctor offered to do an amnio so I could consider having the baby removed post haste. I declined. But mostly just because we had plans to go to EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival that evening, so really inconvenient timing. I do NOT like to miss the Food and Wine Festival. If he asked me today though, I might not be able to say no.

In any event, he had me make an amnio appointment for next Wednesday. I don't have to keep it (his words), but he thinks I will. We shall see. We. Shall. See. Even though I needle myself in the belly twice a day, somehow an amnio just sounds terrible. He assures me it's not. But still. UHG.

In more interesting news. Or not really interesting per se, but different. If only slightly. The baby weighed in at 6 pounds, 9 ounces and is in the 80th percentile. Also, head down. Like really far down. Legs? Not down. Entangled in my rib cage. Which feels just about as awesome as it sounds.

(Still a hairy beast too.)

p.s. Hotel bathroom. Level of grossness significantly lower.


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Unknown said...

Hi baby - see you soon! *waving at your fetus over here*

erin m said...

the threat of an amnio is usually enough to send me into labor. You are looking great and I cant believe you're like due um NOW basically. WTF happened to the last 9 months?

Jessica said...

baby girl is ready to come out ; )

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