Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thirty-Four Weeks.

34 weeks
In hubby's defense, I didn't even ask him to take a picture this time. You've seen the bathroom, it's gross, we can all move on.

Still no answer on when baby will be here, and my appointment with the high risk maternal fetal medicine doctors made things about as clear as mud. Short story is they would feel very comfortable doing an amnio and delivering at 36 weeks. BUT. Since I went to 37 weeks with Stephen and my scar was intact at the time of delivery, they would let me make the call. In fact, if I *really* want, they'll consider letting me go as long as 38 weeks.

I would have liked to talk to the doctor about it more, because I was getting the distinct impression that 36 or 37 weeks is really the right answer in their eyes, but oh hey! We're all sick! And I had the three kids with me since Wesley did overnight duty yesterday! And Stephen screamed the entire appointment! So, the environment wasn't exactly conducive to a grown-up conversation. Or, really, any conversation whatsoever.

Hopefully tomorrow's appointment with the regular OB will yield something more concrete. Or not, whatever.


Watch me grow: twenty-two week belly, twenty-seven week belly, thirty-three week belly.

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anymommy said...

Yay! Oh my gosh I love that adorable belly. Can't wait to hear when we'll meet this new little boy ;-) (Just a hunch.)

Lolli @ Better in Bulk said...

That's one beautiful belly (and your bathroom looks better than mine...)

Krista Neil said...

Hang in there, I've been having to bring my 3 to appointments, I'm only 27 weeks, but I know how you feel. Pretty much just have to give in sometimes and say just that...whatever, it is what it is hu? Anyways, you're close, you're gonna make it!!! I feel for ya!

Laura said...

Hey, April! You look great! I wrote you months back with a question about c-sections and you were sweet to respond. I've since has my third baby and the surgery and recovery went great. Thanks for your encouragement! If you don't mind my asking, does your OB like you to see the high risk specialist because you'll be having another c-section? Wishing you lots of luck and rest these last few weeks!!

Pam @iwriteinbooks said...

Love that belly!!!!

April said...

@Laura -

Thanks so much for the kind words :-) I'm so glad your section and recovery went well.

I originally started seeing the high risk doctors because I have a blood clotting disorder (antiphospholipid anti-body syndrome) that requires me to be on heparin while I'm pregnant. And now, I also see them for close monitoring of the thickness of my uterine lining, because I had a uterine rupture when I was in labor with Jonathan.

You need to email enable your account so I can write back!

Best, April

Laura said...

Thanks! It's so awesome to have encouragement from another c-section Mama who loves a big family. So glad you're doing well and that you have a due date in sight. Looking forward to seeing pics of your cutie and following along on your adventures with four little kiddies.
P.s. I'm enabling my email now (I think.)
P.p.s. I realized how I came upon your blog initially. You commented on Amalah's blog at some point, I must have agreed with/been amused by whatever you said & clicked on your link. Love yours and her writing style both!

April said...

@ Laura -

That may be the best compliment I've ever received. Love me some Amalah :-)

p.s. still not enabled!

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